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Button Battery CR1225

Button Battery CR1225




MnO2, Lithium, Stainless Steel, Electrolyte, etc.


Henli Max

The henli max cr1225 by Henli Max is a state-of-the-art lithium manganese button battery that revolutionizes the way you power your devices. With its exceptional performance and outstanding features, this battery is designed to exceed your expectations.

Crafted with precision, the henli max cr1225 3v battery is composed of high-quality ingredients, including MnO2, Lithium, Stainless Steel, Electrolyte, and more. Boasting a nominal voltage of 3V and a nominal current of 0.1mA, it delivers a reliable and consistent power supply to your devices. With an impressive nominal capacity of 50mAh and a maximum pulse current of 5mA, this battery ensures optimal performance even in demanding situations.

Our CR1225 model offers a nominal capacity of 50mAh, coupled with a nominal voltage of 3V and nominal current of 0.1mA. This robust energy resource can reach a max pulse current of 5mA and functions optimally in temperatures ranging from -20 to 60℃. Weighing only 0.9g and measuring 12.5mm in diameter with a height of 2.5mm, it is designed for efficiency and convenience.

One of the key advantages of the henli max cr1225 3v battery is its remarkable large current working performance. Through our extensive research and innovation, we have overcome the power limitations of traditional lithium batteries, providing you with a robust power solution that can handle high-current applications with ease.

Furthermore, our independently designed and optimized battery structure ensures excellent anti-leakage performance. We understand the importance of safeguarding your devices, and our meticulous attention to battery design guarantees minimal leakage, enhancing the safety and reliability of your valuable equipment.

With our specially developed sealing technology, the CR1225 Battery exhibits superior long storage performance. You can confidently store these batteries for extended periods, knowing they will retain their power and be ready for use whenever you need them. Say goodbye to concerns about battery shelf life and embrace the convenience of reliable energy storage.

The CR1225 Lithium Manganese Dioxide Button Battery finds its place in a wide range of applications. From personal computers and electronic shelf labels to toys, E-watches, POS systems, domestic medical equipment, instruments and apparatus, security and protection monitoring devices, and more, this versatile battery is your go-to power source.

In summary, the henli max cr1225 3v Battery by Henli Max combines innovation, reliability, and performance to provide you with a power solution that surpasses traditional lithium batteries. Experience the difference in power technology and unlock the potential of your devices with our exceptional battery. Trust Henli Max to deliver excellence in every charge.


Nominal Voltage


Nominal Current


Nominal Capacity


MAX Pulse Current (mA)






Operating Temperature






Product Superiority

1. Strong large current working performance

Break the power bottleneck of traditional lithium battery through our own research and innovation.

2. Excellent anti-leakage performance

Independently designed and optimized battery structure to ensure the anti-leakage characteristics of the battery.

3. Superior long storage performance

The independently developed special sealing technology ensures a long storage life of the battery.


CR1225 Lithium Manganese Dioxide Button Battery can be used in many different products. Here are some common examples:

Personal Computers

Electronic Shelf Labels




Domestic Medical Equipments

Instruments and Apparatus

Security and Protection Monitoring

Discharge Curve

CR1225 Henli Max Discharge Curve with Constant Resistance of 30KΩ at 23℃


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