Social Responsibility
Non-Conflict Minerals policy 
-「No purchase, no use of conflict metals」
Tantalum, tin, gold, tungsten, cobalt, and other minerals originating from the Democratic Republic of Congo and the other nine countries that sharing internationally recognized borders with the country, are listed as specially restricted conflict minerals,as the sales of those minerals may provide financial support for the ongoing armed conflicts in these countries. YUFENG firmly supports the CFSI (the Conflict-Free Sourcing Initiative)established by the EICC( the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition)and the GeSi (the Global e-Sustainability Initiative). We announce the Non-Conflict Minerals Policy here on our official website as it is part of our social responsibility.
We Commit that:
1. We do not purchase conflict metals sourced from conflict areas.
2. We require our suppliers to sign the commitment of not using conflict minerals and refuse to use the conflict minerals sourced from conflict areas.
3. We require our suppliers to manage their upstream and downstream suppliers to make sure the requirements of Non-Conflict Minerals are met.
4. We do our best to control the source of the materials and refuse to use conflict minerals sourced from conflict areas.
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