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Button Battery CR920

Button Battery CR920




MnO2, Lithium, Stainless Steel, Electrolyte, etc.


Henli Max

Henli Max 's Button Battery, Model CR920 button cell battery. Manufactured with ingredients such as MnO2, Lithium, Stainless Steel, and Electrolyte, among others, this button battery adheres to the highest standards of technology and innovation.

Henli Max is cr920 supplier,this remarkable CR920 button cell battery comes with nominal voltage of 3V and a nominal current of 0.1mA, demonstrating its powerful capabilities. With a nominal capacity of 25mAh and a maximum pulse current of 5mA, it's designed to deliver efficient performances consistently. The CR920 measures a diameter of 9.5mm and a height of 2.0mm, fitting into most gadgets seamlessly, and operates exceptionally well in temperatures ranging from -20 to 60℃.

The Button Battery CR920's strengths lie in its impressive large current working performance, a testament to our extensive research and invention. Traditional lithium battery power restraints are a thing of the past. Additionally, it boasts superior anti-leakage performance, thanks to our independent design and optimization of battery structure, ensuring the robustness of the battery. The innovative special sealing technology offers excellent long storage performance, guaranteeing a lengthy battery life.

Life with the CR920 is undoubtedly more convenient. It's versatility ensures that it finds usage in a broad range of different products. It effortlessly powers Personal Computers, Electronic Shelf Labels, an assortment of Toys, E-Watches and is also pivotal in POS, Domestic Medical Equipment as well as Instruments and Apparatus. Not forgetting, the CR920 is crucial in Security and Protection Monitoring, further emphasizing its importance and functionality.

Henli Max is cr920 manufacturer in China.Invest in Henli Max's CR920 button cell battery today for a reliable, high-quality power source for your electronic devices. And we also provide cr920 customize service for customer.Power your world with us.


Nominal Voltage


Nominal Current


Nominal Capacity


MAX Pulse Current (mA)






Operating Temperature






Product Superiority

1. Strong large current working performance

Break the power bottleneck of traditional lithium battery through our own research and innovation.

2. Excellent anti-leakage performance

Independently designed and optimized battery structure to ensure the anti-leakage characteristics of the battery.

3. Superior long storage performance

The independently developed special sealing technology ensures a long storage life of the battery.


CR920 Lithium Manganese Dioxide Button Battery can be used in many different products. Here are some common examples:

Personal Computers

Electronic Shelf Labels




Domestic Medical Equipments

Instruments and Apparatus

Security and Protection Monitoring

Discharge Curve

CR920 Henli Max Discharge Curve with Constant Resistance of 15K at 23℃

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