Yufeng 22nd Anniversary Celebration:Sailing Towards a Glorious Journey of 22 Years into the Future
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On September 5, 2023, Yufeng Battery celebrates its 22nd anniversary. At this landmark moment, we joyously commemorate the glorious journey that Yufeng Battery Co., Ltd. has embarked on over the past 22 years.


Since its inception in 2001, Yufeng Battery has dedicated itself to constant exploration and innovation in the primary lithium battery , providing reliable and efficient battery solutions to thousands of households and businesses worldwide.

Throughout these two-plus decades, we've witnessed the rapid evolution of technology and the ever-changing landscape of the market. In the face of challenges and opportunities, Yufeng Battery has consistently prioritized technological innovation, continually enhancing our product performance and service quality, thereby gaining broad recognition from customers both domestically and internationally.We extend our deepest gratitude to every Yufeng Battery employee. It is your hard work and unyielding pursuit of excellence that have collectively authored the remarkable chapters of Yufeng Battery's success. Every project completed and every smile in service represent our joint efforts and achievements. Looking back, we are proud of what we have accomplished; looking forward, we are confident in our future. The battery industry is now entering a new era filled with both challenges and opportunities. Yufeng Battery will continue to embrace the philosophy of "innovation leading the future," deepen our technological research and development, expand our market share, and contribute to the sustainable development of green and low-carbon manufacturing. On this special day, let us together celebrate the achievements of these 22 years and set sail once again for the future brilliance of Yufeng Battery. We believe that through the collective effort and dedication of all Yufeng people, Yufeng Battery Co., Ltd. will create even greater value and make a more significant contribution to the world's green and low-carbon manufacturing.

Yufeng battery major event review:

2001:YUFENG Founded.

2006:Passed the Certifications of RoHS, UL, UN38.3, etc.

2007:Rated as the "Municipal Private High-Tech" and the "Municipal Environmental Friendly" Enterprise.

15 of the most advanced self-developed auto-assembly lines in China had been put into use.

2010:The High-drain Button battery was successfully developed, and the large current pulse capacity reached the world's top level.

2012:CR 2450, CR 2477 were rated as Provincial "High-Tech Products" .

2013:"Henli Max" Trademark was rated as Municipal Well-Known Trademark and the battery of the brand was rated as the Municipal Famous Products.

2017:Relocated to the new plant at Changzhou Photovoltaic Industrial Park.

2020:Rated as the National "High-Tech Enterprise" .

2022:Rated as Municipal "High-Tech Zone Gazelle" Enterprise.

Rated as "3-Star Cloud" Enterprise.

Established the Li/MnO₂ Battery Technology Center in Xinbei District and passed the evaluation of Municipal Enterprise Technology Center.

Rated as Provincial "Little Giant" Enterprise.

2023:Rated as the National "Little Giant" Enterprise.

Passed the evaluation of Provincial Li/MnO₂ Battery Engineering Technology Center.

Company introduction

YuFeng Battery Company Ltd (YuFeng), founded in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province in 2001,  is a wholly- owned subsidiary of Yufeng Electrical Company Ltd. Yufeng is a National High-Tech Enterprise and a National "Little Giant" Enterprise specializing in the R&D, the Manufacturing and the Sales of primary lithium batteries. Located at the Photovoltaic Industrial Park in Changzhou High-tech zone with a building area of 32000m² and over 300 employees, YuFeng now produces over 20 models of primary lithium batteries with an annual output of nearly 500 million pieces.

Customers Around the World

Over the past 22 years, Yufeng has always adhered to technology innovation, lean production and systematic management. We successfully established several industrial reputation brands such as 【Henli Max】, 【NSN】, 【SUYU MAX】 and has passed the evaluation of Provincial Li/MnO2 Battery Engineering Technology Center and Municipal Enterprise Technology Center. YuFeng has significant competitive advantages at both the high-drain and the low-drain electronic products. Our products are widely used in the industries like Electronic Shelf Labels, Intelligent Transportation, Smart Security, Instrumentation, Consumer Electronics,  Wisdom Medical, etc. and has won unanimous recognition along with long-term support from our global customers.

Over 50% of our products are exported to the US, EU, UK, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Brazil, India and other countries and regions. YuFeng provides customized primary lithium battery solutions to ensure the best customer experience.


YuFeng has broken the power bottleneck of traditional lithium battery through our own research and innovation. We successfully manufactured the high-drain lithium button battery that can easily carry the products with 50mA pulse working current,  meanwhile possessing the advantages of great safety, high capacity, long storage life, etc. The products’main purpose is to supply power for RF transmission of IoT signals. Till 2022, the market share of our leading product, lithium button battery reached 16.3% domestically and 8.9% globally.

At present, Yufeng as the major supplier of the global TOP 5 ESL manufacturers, accounts for about 50% of the market share in the ESL industry. We have further become the World’s Leading manufacturer of the high-drain lithium RF cell batteries. We provide the high-quality micro-power solutions for the IoT Industry and aim to promote the development of the new digital era.


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