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CR920 3V button battery is a type of small-sized coin cell battery that provides a stable 3-volt power supply for various electronic devices.

One of the main advantages of the CR920 button battery is its compact size, which allows it to be used in small devices with limited space, such as remote controls, calculators, key fobs, and small electronic toys. Its small form factor makes it highly portable and easy to integrate into different devices.

In terms of its characteristics, the CR920 button battery typically has a diameter of 9mm and a thickness of 2mm. This standardized size ensures compatibility with devices designed to accommodate this specific battery model.

The CR920 button battery belongs to a family of button cell batteries, each identified by a unique model number. The differences between various button cell models, such as CR927, CR1220, or CR2032, lie in their dimensions, capacity, and voltage ratings. These differences allow for versatility in selecting the appropriate battery for different applications based on power requirements and device size constraints.

The usage time of a CR920 button battery can vary depending on factors such as the power consumption of the device it is used in and the operating conditions. Typically, it can provide power for several months to a few years, depending on the specific device and its usage patterns.

In summary, the CR920 3V button battery is a compact and reliable power source commonly used in small electronic devices. Its small size, standardized dimensions, and reasonable lifespan make it suitable for a wide range of applications where space and power requirements are critical considerations.

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